Independent Fashion Brands

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Venaton Venaton is an Independent brand manufactured locally in Europe that stylishly combines clean  sophisticated structured lines with edgy design whilst remaining on the cutting edge of fashion. Specifically designed with the empowered woman in mind at an affordable price point. Ethical Fashion Acts: Providing fair working conditions Designer
Vera Vega has found its niche within the category of rings and statement necklaces. A unique ring is the quintessential Vera Vega piece. The label's Scandinavian heritage is evident in the minimalistic silhouettes of the jewellery, as Vera Vega presents designs with a clean and simplistic feeling. Inspired by constrats and playing with graphic and architectural silhouettes, colourful zircons, matte vs. shiny details and inspiring statements VERA VEGA presents an elevated aesthetic with a personal twist.
Ethical Fashion Acts: uses the simple and long-lasting quality of sterling silver



Vichy started with a simple philosophy: your skin is a vital organ, requiring true scientific rigor and dedicated medical research to maintain and enhance its beauty. 80 years later, these values not only hold true, but go even further. Our clinical research on thousands of women of all skin types, ethnicity and ages gives us the answer on what makes up ideal skin at every life stage. Whether your skin is affected by hormonal changes, stress or life-style influences, we understand that every woman’s skin is unique – just like every woman’s life is unique. shop front banner   Positive Acts: dedicated medical research, diversity, ethnicity and age based clinical research