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Takutea is a brand of high-quality jeans for men and women, with a young and lively mood, designed for those who want to stand out in style in the grey urban jungle. Takutea is a brand of clothing specializing in the production of men and women's pants with an Italian design and is the result of the strong passion and sense of style of designer Lucio Mauro and stylist Valeria Vittoria. Lucio Mauro and Valeria Vittoria are two young creative talents from Naples, Italy, who have transformed their ideas into a success.  Valeria, who grew up in the world of fashion entrepreneurship, continues a long family tradition with great sense of initiative and curiosity towards emerging trends. Lucio loves to look for cutting-edge fittings, mixing man and woman styles with originality a mix that is also found in his creations. Together, with courage and drive, they have created Takutea, a new interpretation of denim, combining the purity of what is free and unspoilt with the comforts of modern living.Takutea name comes from a small earthly paradise, an atoll in the south east Pacific Ocean. Every model of Takutea jeans has a name in the Maori language and is embellished with unique embroidery, made with Tivaevae from the Cook Islands.Tivaevae is a fabric produced by the women in the Cook Islands, a distinctive sign which recalls the spirit of the island, the history of the brand and its wild style idea.Takutea is attention to details, a jungle mood conceived for an urban context, respect for nature and the environment, the colors of the island worn in the grey daily life of the city. Its jeans are comfortable, accessible and, thanks to their unique inserts, they are the ideal garment for free spirits who like to think out of the box.Takutea is an animal-friendly company, which avoids the use of animal derived fabrics. In fact, it supports the Animal Free Project by LAV association for the care and protection of animals.In this regard, the company has decided to be represented by a small bird, the Sula, the symbol of Takutea island, as well as brand logo.The jeans, deliberately "used", are treated with délavé techniques and produced in different fittings: regular jeans, comfort and oversize to suit all types of style.The fabrics, sought-after and trendy, are selected by Takutea through a careful analysis of the most cutting-edge suppliers. The predominant feature of Takutea collections is the 100% Cotton fabric and the famous Japanese selvedge fabric, highlighting the originality and tradition of the denim. Italian jeans, but made unique by the colors of the Maori culture.
Texas and the Artichoke


We are Texas and the Artichoke, a London based home ware and fashion accessories brand founded by Paula Benvegnú, an argentine art director, product designer & print maker. We make beautiful things with a quirky, bold and contemporary twist. Our products are designed and produced in the UK with the highest quality materials, always adding a good amount of kitsch, eccentricity and poetry so you can stay one step ahead of the crowd.
The changing Factor


The beginning - 2015 The Changing Factor has been created officially in 2015 but we have been working on the idea from 2013. It all started as a response to the fashion world at that time and how it was harder and harder to differentiate brands and find real value. We wanted to go against the current and create something very special. The idea changed a few times but ultimately we have decided we wanted to design especially for the incredible modern women who are ambitious, career-driven and full of 'oomph', no matter where they are on the globe. Alexander McQueen once said - "I want people to fear the women I dress". We don't necessarily want people to fear the women we 'dress' but we certainly want to make a strong impression.
The Noces


`Noces means Wedding / Marriage in French. I chose the name as it sums up our philosophy in a word: the union of cultures, styles and materials. I launched The Noces to revisit traditional techniques from Madagascar and create a bohemian chic and modern line of accessories. Since my childhood, I witnessed first-hand the passion of Malagasy craftswomen. The perfect use of high-quality materials such as raffia, cotton, or zebu leather and the meticulous work on embroidery, weaving and carving always impressed me. I am so proud to team up with these talented women from rural areas to create handmade accessories, designed with love.``


We work with family-owned businesses and sole artisans in order to maintain a close relationship with our suppliers. We have our head office in Portugal and representative offices in France and Madagascar to better serve our customers.
We pay attention to our impact on the people and on the environment. By employing Malagasy people, we empower them and help ensure decent lives. We also promote environmentally-friendly practices in the supply chain.
Less is more. Our curated selection is available in a limited quantity. Every year, we will donate 5% of the profit to charities. Please reach out if you are a non-profit organisation operating in Madagascar whose values resonate with ours.
Tint London

Tint London

Tint London is more than refining an old tradition, we are shaping and creating something wonderful and new by getting inspiration from old traditional Oxford Brogues, and bringing the best quality leather together to create more comfortable and stylish shoes. Guided by colour combinations and best materials, we use the best craftsmanship techniques to create playful and comfortable shoes. To achieve optimal comfort all our shoes are handmade and are padded with extra cushions making sure every step you make in our shoes will be full of pleasure. Every leather that we use is deep dyed which makes sure that the colour goes throughout the leather and doesn’t fade away with age. We want to give our customers great, comfortable and durable product and that is achievable only because all our components, including the shoe sole, are made out of the most premium leathers.
Tomas Brilliance


The aspirational story of the Pelham Bag Tomas Brilliance is a London based design label the brand was envisioned in 2014 and launched in 2015. The Pelham handbag is hand crafted in the East End of London by a team of six with years of experience using high level of hand crafting techniques to produce The Pelham handbag. I want to take you on a journey that's inspired me and share every chapter with you by inviting you to my world. the Pelham tote bag it's a part of my journey it tells a story of my brand and who i am and where I've come from. While working as a postman one of the areas I was covering was South Kensington/Chelsea London area. The Inspiration of the Pelham bag came from Pelham Crescent in Chelsea it's a street that's full of history and heritage which inspired me to create the Pelham Tote handbag. The aspirational design of the Pelham Bag came from the envelopes and packages I was delivering.


It takes approximately 2900 gallons of water to make one pair of traditional cotton jeans. That's equivalent to 10,977 one litre water bottles. We set out to change this by focusing on three integral parts. Our search for the greenest manufacturing options we uprooted production to Mexico City, where the factory we now work with uses 85% recycled water. This is revolutionary, and it is achieved through a system in which natural bacteria consumes the indigo dye before reintroducing it to the wash process again and again. The water comes out of the laundry as thick indigo laden sludge. The purification process starts here. To give you an idea, unmonitored factories will dump this straight into their water systems. The next step is for the hard matter to be filtered out, separating solid from liquid. Then, the water goes into this tank, where natural bacteria eats the remaining indigo. When the water comes out of the tank it is clear and free of any dyes. This water is then reintroduced into the laundry again and again. The source of our product, the fabric. Our women's denim is made using Tencel Cotton blend, which is a processed wood fibre made from the eucalyptus tree. Not only is the energy used to grow, produce and manufacture Tencel 100% renewable, it also uses 85% less water than cotton to grow and process. Our men's denim is sourced to require low to no wash as it is engineered as a raw denim with the added benefit of stealth stretch woven in for comfort & durability. The details All of our hardware is made of nickel-free recycled sheet metal in a factory with a closed loop water system which uses technology designed to conserve water by 80%. The labels All of our leather labels are made using recycled leather which is done by a process of shredding and then bonding leather scraps to make a new leather composite that looks and feels like the natural product. Finally, all our care labels are made from recycled water bottles. We like to think we're saving what's inside and outside one of those 10,977 1L water bottles. The people Our factory in Mexico was chosen because of their pioneering sustainability efforts and the way they care for their employees. We take every opportunity possible to visit our team on the ground in Mexico. Our Atelier in Los Angeles is a workshop set to the highest standards of any American factory we have ever worked with. These guys are also like family to us.