Independent Fashion Brands

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Saint Iris Adriatica
For luxury brand guru Sanela Lazic, Saint Iris Adriatica – or SIA, as we call it – is a dream fulfilled. SIA is a tribute to Sanela’s Croatian heritage and the blissful spirit of well being that comes naturally from the region’s thermal spas, snow-capped mountains and wild spaces. It's a brand for women who share her passion for natural well being, an active lifestyle and superbly sensual skincare.
Sanela has taken the most potent, clinically proven natural ingredients from the traditional folk remedies she grew up with to power formulas that strengthen body and mind against city stress. The soul of each product is fjaka, the essential ingredient to a balanced Adriatic way of life. Call it mindfulness in action or simply a state of bliss, fjaka comes naturally from living in the now and loving the feeling. With its sensual textures and uplifting, natural scent, SIA delivers the bliss whenever and wherever you need it.
When’s the last time your skin really glowed? With its energising natural formulas and irresistible fjaka factor, SIA helps de-stress body and mind, leaving skin smoother, brighter and radiant with well being.
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Ethical Fashion Acts: All Natural Ingredients, Traditional Folk Recipes, Powered by the effect of natural ingredients on the mind and body
Salt Accessories

Salt Accessories

Salt Accessories is a clever combination of graphic design and contemporary jewellery. Bright colours and unique material felt bring the witty designs out the best. Salt Accessories are decorative, colourful, fun and unique made for people with their owns unique sense of style and who are not afraid to stand out from the mass. Salt Accessories necklaces, earrings and bow ties are made from felt using cutting edge laser technology. In addition to felt also 925 silver, carbines and metal details are being used. 2006- graduated Estonian Academy of Arts, BA, Graphic design. 2010- founded graphic design studio, SALT. 2012- founded (felt) jewellery brand Salt Accessories.
"We believe there is freedom in simplicity. In a world that constantly tries to outrun itself ever-chasing the next trend, we strive to offer a simpler, natural way of life. SaltPetre makes work-ready, minimal silhouettes using sustainable processes. Products that you and the earth both want to live with. The team is an agile collective of creators – artists, designers, storytellers, scientists, engineers & strategists – from around the globe. Geographically dispersed but ideologically huddled together in the shared pursuit of simplicity and sustainability. We enjoy blurring the lines between art, science and commerce to create products that simplify lives.
Ethical Fashion Acts: Ethical production practices, provides fair working conditions 
Sarvin Sarvin is an international luxury clothing brand, specialising in creating distinctive and high-quality garments. Made with the finest fabrics and materials, Sarvin imbues each design with her signature flair for fashion and eye for detail – the result is an irresistible collection of contemporary wardrobe staples and show-stopping occasion pieces. We Design proudly our garments in the UK and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional style with a timeless design to ensure you look and feel extra special wearing an exclusive Sarvin dress design. We strongly believe modern luxury should be socially and environmentally responsible, therefore we take into consideration where our materials come from and who is making them, to ensure our customers are receiving highly ethically sustainable garments that will last them a lifetime. Shop Banner Ethical Acts: Environmentally friendly, made locally, vegan collections, sustainable. Designer
SecretCork Secret Cork is a sustainable and cruelty-free luxury brand. The Secret Cork products are made with the highest quality materials to create sleek, versatile and sophisticated pieces that are an eco-friendly choice in the luxury accessories market. The mission is to provide our customers with distinct and purposeful designs that comply with ethical practices. Marrying form, function and style.The team believes it is important to respect nature and use only sustainably sourced humane materials. At Secret Cork, you can be an active participant in a better, healthier world. Ethical Fashion Acts: sustainably sourced and cruelty free, eco-friendly Designer

SEIRA ELVES is a handmade shoe designed based on aesthetics and trends. The brand was established in 2011. We create innovative footwear with fashionable design defined by quality. With a method of making shoes, we discreet every method for craftsmanship to become a good product.

Ethical Fashion Acts: Handmade using Poly Synthetic Leather 
Sidikai Sidikai is born out of a lifelong passion for design and the belief that it is everyone’s duty to build a better world with the resources we are given. Sidikai's mission is to change the current fashion model by disrupting every step of the value chain to incorporate Circular Economy values, and all of it while producing an exquisitely designed and crafted product. Sidikai’s designs exude minimalism and sophistication, with precise patterning and 100% sustainable fabrics in all their garments. Ethical Fashion Acts: 100% sustainable fabrics in every garment, precise patterning to reduce waste   Designer
SKINLABO Skinlabo is a paraben, gluten and allergen free beauty brand, Made in Italy, featuring botanical extracts. Skinlabo offers you high-end beauty treatments with 7 different lines to make you feel glamorous and beautiful in every single aspect. Skinlabo believes in overall beauty, and thanks for the effective and safe formulas, they are conceived to take care of your skin, by enhancing your natural beauty and insuring immediate, long-lasting results. Ethical Fashion Acts: Made in Italy, paraben, gluten and allergen free botanical extracts Designer
Stefanie Renoma

Stefanie Renoma

Stefanie Renoma first established herself as a personal shopper and later launched her own brand using her knowledge of style and trends. The Stefanie Renoma brand is a clever blend of subtle glam rock and discreet luxury. The collections are easy-to-wear yet chic and play on details, neutral palettes, slightly twisted basics, and highly feminised menswear. The brand focuses on making modern women more stylish.
Style Creating timelessly chic and elegant pieces, Style creates clothing for stylish and empowered women. Their creations typically combine gorgeous designs with limited edition, small volume production, making sure your piece is unique. The brand designs and creates its collections locally in Poland, with new styles regularly added to their lines. From fierce cocktail dresses to casual day dresses and jumpsuits,  helping  you to find your next, high quality wardrobe staple.   Designer