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Nae Vegan
Nae (No Animal Exploitation) is a Portuguese vegan footwear brand. It proposes a fair and animal-friendly alternative against human exploitation and respect to the environment. We want to be an option for them, whose are looking for Portuguese footwear design and present an increased responsibility to their own surrounding.

Our philosophy

Nae was born under the assumption of no animal exploitation and focus not only the natural and ecological materials, but also the design, style and quality that are already recognized in Portuguese footwear. All the products we manufacture are ethical and designed for the consumer and their daily comfort.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to create modern products that designed for everyday use. The products are manufactured only in certified factories of Portugal, where they respect their employees and ain't using any product of animal origin or that damages the environment.
Moreover, we work with natural materials such as cork and pineapple, recycled materials as airbag and PET - plastic bottles, and synthetic materials as ecological microfibers.
Take a Walk on the Ethical Side
Nah-Nu Katarzyna Skorek


NAH-NU creates unique and exclusive collections for women featuring extraordinary elegant and feminine forms, minimalist use of fabrics in original fusions, truculent and distinctive details and intriguing asymmetry.
Nina and Co

Nina And CO

Nina+Co is an adaptable creative studio offering interior design, product design and visual identity services. Nina is a designer living and working internationally and flexibly between the UK and Europe, with connections to a pool of multi-talented collaborators. A bespoke team of specialists can be tailored and streamlined to suit the design requirements of each individual project. Over more than 12 years of experience in interior design, Nina has created elegant interiors for world-renowned hotel brands and designed luxury residences for private clients from London to Moscow. Nina founded Nina+Co in 2014 to venture into a wider sphere of design, to collaborate with a diverse collection of designers and craftsmen and to work on
Nina and the wolf

Nina and the Wolf

There is a bit of Nina in each one of us, and we are all a little bit of the Wolf. The most amazing thing you can do is to be, every single morning, your unpredictable self and choose whether you feel more like the dreamy Nina or like the mysterious Wolf.”

Nina and The Wolf is the newest lingerie and loungewear boutique-brand that wants to change the way women think about lingerie. Nina and The Wolf was born from the idea of Gaia and Marta who decided to carefully mix the quirkiness in the designs inspired by our time in the UK and the excellence of the manufactures of our home country – Italy - giving to this fabulous Swiss brand a truly international vibe!

A name that sounds like a fairy tale, to narrate the female beauty and complexity and all those facets so typical of a woman: romanticism, elegance and simplicity, but also seduction and, why not… the desire to hunt. Nina and The Wolf seem to be two very different and distant characters, but if you look closer they coexist in the same woman; because after all… Nina is The Wolf!

Nina and The Wolf believe that quality is the secret to create something fabulous. For this reason all of its products are made in Italy: selecting some of the best fabrics and materials, as well as suppliers well renowned for their attention to detail. Because every woman should own great quality lingerie

The brand doesn’t want just to create amazing lingerie, it wants to challenge women to break their routine, start experimenting with fashion and to treat lingerie as an accessory, part of their everyday look: “all our pieces are designed to be shown: matched with a pair of jeans or peeking out from your favourite T-shirt… have fun creating new combinations!”

Nina Rai Couture


The NINA RAI COUTURE Collections are a distinct range of luxury head jewellery of fine artistry and craftsmanship. Exquisite Swarovski crystal headpieces of distinct style and elegance.

Nina Rai is a particular type of talent, rare and intuitive, a visionary in the art of making the most impossibly beautiful pieces that stand out in style. A creative in the truest sense of the word, with a background in the Arts and a self trained Milliner, her long held fascination with adornment and driven by an innate passion for creating beauty has lead her into the world of Millinery.

The stylish Crystal Slide collection, encompasses skillful craftsmanship and fine artistry to create exquisite Head Jewellery that embodies richness, elegance, and sophisticated style. Detail in design and shaping is taken into consideration with every piece created. The designs are finely crafted using traditional silversmith techniques and feature a Signature Finish that gives an authenticity to the designs.

The collections are created in settings of Silver, Gold or Haematite finish and set with in a select classic subtle colour palette of Champagne, Topaz, Smoky Quartz, Black, Greys and Clear Swarovski, Czech and Glass Crystal.

Nina Rai's stylistic approach and her intrinsic eye for refinement and elegance can be found within every design. The ethos of the eponymous brand lay rooted in classic style and sophistication. Nina Rai sees her designs as investments and her collections reflect this. Creating every piece as a work of art - a thing of beauty, with impeccable attention to detail and precision remains the core of her work ethic, creating a versatile collection which can be worn to a vast range of occasions and events, making each piece exquisite and unique.