Independent Fashion Brands

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Made In Italia


We believe the product must tell a story… quality must be perceived at a glance! All our products must be sustainable in terms of production process using factories that care for environment. All our suppliers must be following the highest quality and safety standards Details are important and make the difference for us. Stitching’s, finishing , metal accessories are selected to represent the proud of Italian “savoir faire“ Banner Ethical Fashion Acts: High quality suppliers, production practices that minimise waste and provide fair work conditions
Maiyo Maiyo was born in 2016 by Roxanne Namaki, a London based fashion student. Her love for fashion grew from a very young age and led her to explore the world, so she could appreciate different cultures, fabrics, colours and patterns. After spending a long summer in Brazil exploring the various cities, her love for bikinis and swimwear grew. Roxanne's background in fashion marketing and design helped her to design various styles and patterns that could appeal to fellow swimwear lovers, whilsts keeping focus on crochet products. Ethical Fashion Acts: products are handmade with fine Japanese yarn and lining Designer
MALU Designs MALU is defined by its simplicity, minimalist and specific details that makes its designs trendy and one of a kind. MALU is a swimwear and accessories brand founded in 2013 by designers Maria and Lucia Rivas. They decided to become one and fuse their ideas, creativity, skills and imagination to make their dream come true. With a touch of Latin roots, each design is ready to enhance women confidence with a great attention to detail. Ethical Fashion Acts: Empowering women, quality materials  Designer
Maria Jovrea
Following my dream of being a part of the fashion industry, after High School I have moved to Italy to work in a production house that at the time had contracts with labels like Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermanno Scervino, Prada and many more, thanks to the experience I have learned the process of the technical part of fashion. Returning home I have decided to continue my family tradition and help local people with my skills in designing and making, but that didn’t last for long since I got the opportunity to move to London in 2015 for a BA Degree in Fashion and Textiles which I have graduated in 2018.
I usually draw my inspiration from everyday moments, risk and comfort, melancholy and cheerfulness, people’s emotions play a subtle but important part of my daily life.
My young label has taken a violent romantic aesthetic starting with the AW1819 Collection INFATUATION. Mostly used for the pieces is  RED which it's a very emotionally intense color, it's the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure.
The message of the brand is encouraging us to be ourselves, accept the way we feel and not to be afraid to express it. As I tend to mostly be inspired by the way people make me feel, I have created from this, a name for all my pieces - 'Wearable Feelings'.
With 'WEARABLE FEELINGS' I am hoping to bring more awareness into people's lives about their feelings, I believe it is important to understand and embrace the way we feel.
Ethical Fashion Acts: Providing fair work conditions, embracing culture, uses quality materials 
Mary and Marie Mary + Marie bags are made with simplicity, functionality and style in mind. They are also made with respect – for the Mary + Marie customers and their needs, for the people who make our products, and for our planet. Made by a select team of just 10 trusted employees, the label's bags are crafted from 70% recycled plastic bags to create a beautiful, durable range that will look good year after year. Mary + Mary is committed to fair working practices, and all of their female-led factory team, many of whom are mothers, are paid in excess of required local wage limits. These small but significant measures add up to a fairer, more ethical way of doing business – and what could be more stylish than that? Ethical Fashion Acts: Female-led factories, providing fair working conditions, made from 70% recycled plastic bags Designer

Maureen Vorswijk began her career in fashion, working in Amsterdam as a wardrobe stylist for theater shows, and several fashion projects. After designing her own lingerie and fashion collection her designs were also worn in music videos, photo shoots and fashion shows. After 8 years, Maureen made a career switch and she choose for her first love, Jewelry. While composing images for MAUKE V there was another mission which had to be accomplished as well. That was the moment a small lingerie collection was included and which she believes women would love to put their hands on. Maureen Vorswijk doesn't follow any particular style, thoughts or rules but has created an own individual style. She draws from inner inspiration, from images of ancient times seeking their way through her mind into her hands, art, photography, old magazines, when looking at her family, her trips to Surinam and Nigeria, personal transformation and her obsession for beautiful things. But the feeling she strives for is to create that piece of jewellery for her customers that makes them feel confident, feminine, strong the moment they put it on. Materials used are sterling silver, 14kt gold, a variety of handpicked gemstones from Africa and natural material such as leather cords for her entirely handcrafted and hand-polished jewelries

Ethical Fashion Acts: Hand-crafted and hand-polished jewellery, quality leather 

Mechaly In 2014, Mechaly was born out of the wish to blend social action with the love of fashion and style. Mechaly aims to address the obstacles and challenges facing cruelty against animals. The story starts with the intention of finding ourselves and the passion for animal rights, travelling and storytelling. Travelling the world to find amazing stories about extraordinary people that share their passion for animal rights, Mechaly collaborates with these people to spread their message through creating limited edition production of which a portion of proceeds is contributed to advancing their cause. Mechaly is inspired by people who lead busy lives and are looking for accessories that encompass style and comfort, while fulfilling a higher cause. Mechaly is all about design, fashion, the environment, social responsibility, excellence, inclusiveness, integrity, authenticity and, of course, being a voice for animals. The mission is to take animals out of the equation. Mechaly is proud to be certified vegan by and a PETA approved cruelty free & vegan brand. Ethical Fashion Acts: PETA approved cruelty free & vegan brand,  Designer
Michael Gurhy


My artwork primarily focuses on the figure, psychological portraits constructed from both fantasy and memory are then further informed by tear out pages of glossy high fashion magazines. The male figure within the work seems to challenge traditional images of male beauty that use strength and power as currency, these subjects are often passive, even tearful capturing some kind of inward battle or melancholia. Adorned in piercings and marked by symbolic tattoos and thick bodily hair, these features evoke the artists early experiences of masculinity and vulnerability. In opposition the female figures gaze seem more deliberate, bold and suggests a knowing or sense of premonition. Recurring themes within the work include vulnerability, mortality, sexuality, the uncanny and the transcendental. Animals such as deers, birds, foxes and wolves become symbolic messengers. There is a sacred/celestial component within the work that is both gentle and violent, destruction is linked with creation exorcising the old and paving the way for new cycles.   Shop Front Banner   Positive Acts: Produced locally, sustainable and ethical  supply chain
Michael Kors Michael Kors is a luxury designer accessories and clothing brand. The brand epitomises modern sophistication that is well suited for women who like statement making pieces.   Shop Banner Ethical Fashion Acts: Commitment to no fur usage, supply chain transparency and supply chain transparency Designer
Mikashka Mikashka was born from a particular fondness for natural materials, especially leather. Everything is handmade with great care in the workshop near Warsaw, where he used top-quality natural leather from Italian tanneries, with a mix of gorgeous colour combinations and a high attention to detail. The Mikashka cuffs, earrings and necklaces can be worn to any occasion with the right outfit! Ethical Fashion Acts: Handmade from natural materials and leathers Designer
Millar Jewellery Millar Jewellery was founded in 2015 by jewellery designer and maker Scott Millar. Trained at the Royal College of Art, Scott has spent his career prior to establishing his own label working in and around London's Hatton Garden, the heart of the British jewellery trade. Relocating from London to Brighton, Scott established his own label to bring together his appreciation of traditional goldsmith technique with a love of striking design. Inspired by diverse influences, Scott's designs focusses on the strength of line, quality of make and exposing the properties of materials through surface finish and texture. Bringing you ready to wear pieces, unique bespoke items tailor made for each client as well as a range of traditional engagement and wedding rings with a twist, each piece is made with care and dedication. Ethical Fashion Acts: Handmade to order for each client, quality materials Designer
Mimoods Knits

Mimoods Knits finds inspiration in the notion of craft and the story about the artisan's path to mastery. Made with top quality Italian yarns ensuring divine softness, high comfort and longevity. Mimoods Knits slow fashion label promotes the intentional buying and the idea of surrounding yourself only with items that you truly love and enjoy wearing for a longer time, creating a mindful lifestyle. Mimoods Knits has been founded by a Slovenian-born knitwear designer Spela Tabak and her life partner Andreas Tabak, a Dutch graphic designer. Crafted in the Netherlands.

Ethical Fashion Acts: No mass production which minimises waste, top-quality yarn to ensure comfort and longevity
Minute Azimut

Minute: When we refer to the notion of time, we often talk about ‘taking a minute’. A Minute & Azimut watch is an intimate and personal object. It is not just functional but also beautiful, enhancing your experience within the moment. Azimut: Azimut refers to the direction of a celestial object from the observer. It is expressed as the angular distance from the north or south point of the horizon to the point at which a vertical circle passing through the object intersects the horizon. Minute & Azimut watches and accessories are inspired by the endless possibilities of time. They encourage exploration and adventure, whilst offering assurance that you will always find your way.

Misha Vaidya What started in London as a little girl’s love affair with design is now an international brand with ready-to-wear pieces that marry classic city style and modern edge. Established by Mother-Daughter team, Hina and Misha Vaidya // Designed for the woman who wants it all, inspired by the women who strive to have it all. Created for she who has the courage to be vulnerable and successful, traditional and rebellious, while expressing her individuality with an unfiltered authenticity. For the knowledge seeker, the assertive, the empowered. She who power-walks in a pencil skirt, closes the deal in a lady-like lace, picnics in prints, and inspires in sky-high heels. “A brand continuing to gain visibility with its professional-girl-meets-party-girl sensibility. The brand reflects an international aesthetic, showcasing covetable collections of separates, dresses, jackets, tees & accessories.” -- Britsh Vogue. Ethical Fashion Acts: Empowering women, "Clothes aren't going to change the world. The women who wear them will". Designer
MissLondoner MissLondoner is an eclectic brand that represents the diversity and eclectic nature of London. Our pieces range from the unique to the classically chic. Whatever London means to you, you can find it at the MissLondoner collection - from casual shirts to gorgeous dresses. Ethical Fashion Acts: Made locally in London Designer
Mria Jewelry Mria-Jewelry is with love handmade and customized jewelery. Special jewelery in minimalist design right up to creations in Boho Style. The design of our collections is characterized by the soft and romantic lines. We only work with materials of the best quality. Here, extraordinary collections of jewelery are designed and produced by hand with love. Many of our ornaments can be skillfully combined together. Timelessly beautiful works of precious stones and natural stones, handmade individual pieces in individual designs. Goldsmith’s unique products are very happy with our customers individually and made in our smithy. Ethical Fashion Acts: Handmade locally, high quality materials, precious and natural stones Designer