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British brand LÁTELITA London fuse Eastern influences with contemporary European design to create unique, intricate & elegant jewellery. Created in 2012, LÁTELITA London has rapidly grown into a widely recognised and established brand, spotted on countless celebrities and gracing the pages of glossy magazines. Inspired by their heritage and global travels, the truly autobiographical collections incorporate ancient motifs and carefully sourced semi-precious natural stones with exceptional colour and character. Working closely with the finest artisans & gem cutters, the LÁTELITA team, conceptualize, design and handcraft; iconic pieces from within their atelier.Whether seeking to make a statement, or for effortless style, look no further than LÁTELITA London.

Brand History

As Látelita London we started as a boutique brand selling in high end fashion jewellery boutiques of West London as well as through independent fashion retailers who exhibited our statement pieces alongside their own collections. Nowadays we are still maintaining our boutique brand identity while selling at department stores. Our journey has taught us that statement jewellery can also be affordable with the use of correct materials while not giving up on the luxury feel that our customers expect to find in our brand. We use delicate leathers and sterling silver together with a wide variety of semi-precious natural stones, sometimes crystals, always with smart contrasts of coloured cubic zirconia. The craftsmanship required is nothing short of fine jewellery however the affordability is always granted through the use of alternative materials in our designs.

The Family

Without further ado, our team would like to virtually welcome you to the world of LÁTELITA. From our design integrity that we strive to protect, through to our online atelier and our highly customised services, we have made no compromises and we sincerely hope that you find the level of quality and design integrity is reflective in what we so passionately do.  
Lavinia Cardar


As a fashion designer, I love everything beautiful, unusual and innovative, and enjoy creating bold visual statements through my work. I use every kind of technique or skill when developing a collection, be it laser cutting, digital printing, innovative tailoring and draping or new materials and color combinations.My style is reflected throughout my projects, and it comes out as being playful, geometric, colourful and a bit elegant too. I prefer to focus on silhouettes, and along with that I often use fabric manipulation techniques and sometimes embellishments.

Le' Bulga Store


Founded in 2003 in New York City Le'Bulga Brand is known for lamba leather bags and brand's eye catching designs. Le'Bulga's design inspiration is derived from New York City fast paste lifestyle and geared toward modern woman's life journey. Le'Bulga Classic designs and impeccable quality are aimed to withstand the test of time. Fall in love with your perfect Le'Bulga bag here...



You have connected with the essence, with what really matters, you no longer feel the need to hide, you respect what you are and that makes you respect everything else. Lifegist, life essentials to live, to learn, to grow, to evolve, to be wrong, to rise up, to flow, to share, to respect, to feel, to smell, to look, to do, to experience, to understand, to thank, to connect, to create, to accept
Lily Flo Jewellery


Every collection is inspired by something that has happened to me and how I feel about being a woman today. I love to create, to challenge myself and to grow, at the same time I am a mother to 2 wonderful children and married to an incredibly supportive husband. There is always chaos and demands, and sometimes I just yearn for peace, quiet and confidence to do everything that I want to do. My collections are inspired by my thoughts, feelings and aspirations that I feel are very much connected to other women like me finding their place in the world.
Lisan Ly


British designer creates products, offering rich colours, bold and exclusive prints designed for elegant, trendy and sophisticated individuals with a sense of fun and adventure. Lovingly designed in London; Sourcing luxurious fabrics and working with the best manufacturers from around the world. We aim to create statement pieces and items which add personality to your wardrobe. Currently offering small limited collections. Previously selected as Ambassador of Best of British Talent by Gola, featured in international Textile magazine Twist and a semi-finalist of Muuse & Vogue Young Talent Vision Award. The main influences are interest in Asian aesthetics fused with urban culture. Lisan uses her love of travelling, interest in cultures, nature and architecture as inspiration. The creations are aimed to invoke positive responses and to reflect on beauty in the world and the simple pleasures of life. With a background in Womenswear, accessories and surface design/print, Lisan is also interested in collaboration projects and commissions.


Ours is a mix of stories, philosophy, literature, imagery that represents beauty for us, as if this were our poetic jewelry. Jewels are biographical objects we value the conventional with a touch of extraordinary and we find inspiring that in a world imbued with pragmatism, science and too much reality we still get attached to special objects.
We are always creating and experimenting in our workshop located in the town of Taxco de Alarcón, furthermore in Mexico City we work alongside other creators. Our jewels are made in sterling silver, sometimes employing also golden finishes, crystals and precious stones. By itself the city and town combination is special, it means that LUSASUL becomes a narrative of how our traditions flirt with a variety of technologies and in which way this is contributing to present our own craftsmanship tale.