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Icastica Studio


castica Studio is a London based artisan company that creates exclusive handmade leather handbags and bespoke home decor, combining Italian craftsmanship with unique artistic flair.

The brand was founded in 2015 by the ambition and desire of two close friends whose practical knowledge and creative skills complemented each other in order to build the creative and inspiring environment upon which the company was founded. The vision initially, and continual philosophy, to create an ever inventive, imaginative, evolving studio, was affirmed by  the launch of their first collection in 2017.

The name Icastica derives from the Greek language, translating as vivid, evocative and figurative – words that reflect the studio’s own founding principles and style, manifested in each product by eloquence and vibrancy by virtue of the dramatic choice of colours and the rich use of paint.

The Mediterranean origins of the two designers behind the company profoundly influences their way to conceive and realise a concept. By following the traditional Italian ‘bottega’ approach, each product is handmade by the duo and the entire process is carried out in the studio, where the imagination and practical abilities of both are conjoined throughout the entire creation process.

At every stage, from inception through to completion, products are handcrafted with a strong focus on high quality and individuality, using quality and sustainable leathers carefully selected from Italy in person.

Inspired by nature, products range from custom-made handbags to stand-out bespoke centrepieces of interior design, the decoration for which are the result of combining traditional craft techniques with extensive experimentation with painting and haute couture pattern-making. Due to the nature of the production method, each Icastica Studio creation is one of a kind and the culmination of an intense study of colours, shapes and the use of multiples artistic and crafting disciplines.

The personalities of the two founders behind Icastica Studio, ensure that the desire to celebrate luxury as a concept of sustainability and uniqueness from distinctive design will never be compromised.

Irena Chmura


I am a London based artist and designer. With a master degree in fine arts I have been working as a figurative painter for several years. I have had a privilege to exhibit with the best British artists and to win an award for the most promising young painter. I always loved finding new ways to explore my creativity and this is how I fell in love with goldsmithing. Previously I also experimented with fashion where I designed and tailored my own collection. I retrained in jewellery making and I am very excited to launch my new project. My aim is to create a line that would merge minimal aesthetic, uniqueness and delicate beauty. Each piece of my jewellery is designed and handcrafted with care and passion using the finest quality material