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Gotroxx Jewellery & Accessories


Gotroxx Bridge and Fashion jewelry pieces are expressions of color and light by Jacqueline Jones, designer.  Jacqueline's pieces range from contemporary and classic to the avant-garde.Gotroxx Jewelry is made of precious and semi-precious gemstones, lampwork beads hand crafted by artisans, pearls, crystal, leather and other organic materials. Most findings are 22k gold vermeil over sterling or sterling silver. All designs are unique and one-of-a kind unless disclosed otherwise or commissioned in multiples. Earrings, for most styles, may be made in pierced or clip-on and “Pierce Me Nots™” styles.Earrings average    $45 -   $150 Bracelets average   $85 -   $550 Necklaces average $100 - $1200
Guinevere Launcelot


Meiki Kyo was born in Tokyo. The designer of "Quietude of Flora", “Incubus of Ignis" and "Serene of Aqua" collections. A connate designer with exceptional aptitude, she approaches her designs with unique decorative and classical style through combining Eastern Philosophy and Western Romanticism.  She defines fashion as ‘Something presents the flux of time’. She manifests her ideal as: ‘Fashion design should include classic compositions - which could be the use of silhouette, elements or a combination of colours; and, at the same time, has to be something you have never seen before’.


YEYEONG HAILEY KIM was born in South Korea in 1989. She studied Fashion Design at Ewha Womans University from 2009 to 2013, and started learning Footwear Design in the UK since 2013. Hailey loves exploring new materials and concepts with analogue sensibility and handcraft. Her works are full of modern urban sense. Meanwhile, the expression of her works shows humanity and emotional senses. Hailey eliminates gender division in her designs. She devotes herself to mixing the different concepts of male and female into every single piece of her design.
Guiseppe Zanotti Vendor