Independent Fashion Brands

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Figl FIGL is a stylish and unique independent brand specialising in unique womenswear. If you are looking for stylish pieces that are not on the high street, look no further this brand is for you.Created for women who value a timeless style and classic elegance. What makes the brand stand out is a wide selection of colours of each cut. Plus, the clothes are solidly made and really comfortable. Ethical Fashion Acts: made in Europe, providing fair work conditions Designer
Fleur et Rosee

Fleur et Rosée was founded in 2014 by two sisters I-Chia Ou and Annie Ou after they left the UK to pursue their life-long dream of creating their own "glass slippers". The brand's name "Fleur et Rosée" is "Flower and Dew" in French. Flowers look most beautiful with dews on their petals, pure , fresh, fully of life. We aspire to be to women like dews to flowers: enhance their natural beauty and self-confidence, and when the sun comes out, make them shine.

Foceps Foceps is a luxury womenswear brand, focusing on both detail and quality of each style with lovely, vivid color blocks. Foceps believes fine clothing can only be accomplished through the combination of the highest quality fabric, the best sewing technique, and decent design. Every product of Foceps is made by collaboration with artisans with careers over at least 30 years. Designer
Fontana 2.0 Fontana 2.0 is the second brand by Fontana Couture studied for young women who don’t want to give up being elegant with style. The historic maison from Milan is synonymous with dressmaking excellence and refinement from 1928. Velvet, cashmere and real leather combined with pastel and more daring colours give life to trendy clothes and shoes.   Banner     Positive Acts: Female empowerment, locally made and corporate social responsibility Designer
Frachella Handmade backpacks made for ultimate babes. The Frachella babes. And who is she? She's an eclectic mix of beauty, wit and just the right amount of wilderness. The kind of wilderness that makes you dance on tables till the lights come on and doesn't give a damn if she's the only one left. The kind of wilderness that makes you drop everything and insists you stare at the starts with her and contemplate the idea of our lives in a parallel universe. The kind of wilderness that will grab your hand and take you on an adventure even if that means a walk through town you've walked a thousand times before because you know that all you need for an actual adventure is her and her wild heart. Because every single day can be an adventure for those who can find magic in the mundane. And she definitely is one of them.   Ethical Fashion Acts: Handmade, inspired by culture  Designer
Furious Goose Eccentric Fine Accessories and Luxury Gifts from Brighton. Furious Goose is for those who delight in the extraordinary and the irreverent. We offer unique pocket squares, scarves or gifts that are pure stimulation for the senses and at the same time tell a story. More than just accessories these are conversation-starting pieces of contemporary graphic design. Be bold, be different- We believe that ‘high-end’ needn’t mean restrained and boring. We were teenage rebels so so why tone it down now that we’ve grown up and like to wear suits too. Refuse to be stereotypical. Boys can wear silk for sure and what’s the definition of feminine these days? Who cares! Just don’t be shy…be furious. Designer