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ELAIVA is a brand unafraid of distinction - actually, ELAIVA embraces it. Through quality. Through refinement. Our garments are made of the finest materials and bare nothing but the livest, richest, most intense colours. We like details. We love detailing. That's why we weave our patterns to be just as delicately intricate as corals. We were born by the sea and by the sun of the Mediterranean, involved in its unique warmth and smooth soothing touch. And that's exactly what we aim to bring into every single one of our products. Into every single one of our allurements.


Observation,experimentation and dissatisfaction with existing form are her core design principles. A link between seeing and perceiving the world inhaling music,modern art and science. Seeing the world through half-closed eyes,see discovers the magic of asymmetry,of imperfect beauty,the directness and nobility of simplicity. Her aim is to foreground individuality and hidden beauty. She defines style as a fluid concept born of introverted qualities that seep through fashion's outward shell,emphasising lines,colours,shapes,volume and technique,not just as a set of contemporary tendencies but as exercises of creative control. She narrates her distilled experiences, channelling memories and thoughts which transform an article of clothing from a utilitarian item into the object of aesthetic experimentation