Independent Fashion Brands

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Ella Impressions
PAINTING has always been my companion in the journey of life. To me, my art is symbolic of my journey not only as an artist but as a person in entirety. My art is a reflection of who I am and, ‘Ella Impressions’ fashion line is just a more beautiful portrayal of the journey of my life through my paint brush.
Our aim is to create something substantially different and introduce a new and quirky point of view in fashion. We are ready to set flight into this industry and are looking forward to a grand launch of our elite products in retail as well as online. We are hoping to collaborate with fashion influencers and brands for runway shows and editorial edits and are sure that we will soon be substantially large enough to have our own pret shows and seasonal lines.   Ella Impressions shop banner     Positive Acts: Local production, female led company.
Elvis&Kresse The British handbag and accessories brand doesn’t need an introduction – all fashion lovers are familiar with their outstanding charity work and unique concept of reusing materials to create fabulous, durable pieces. Search through their signature collection to find the perfect weekender bag or clutch for the busy everydays.
Ethical Fashion Acts: Reuses materials, takes part in charity work