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Cenan Abas Sel took the road less traveled on her quest to become a luxury accessories designer. Upon graduating university in her native country, Turkey, Cenan set out to put her business administration degree aside for greater good of fashion. With a team of 30 women, Cenan began producing exquisite knitted designs hand-sewn with precious Swarovski crystals that only elevated the aesthetic of an already unmatched design. A loyal, and ever expanding, celebrity following sparked interest from buyers in the United States, giving Cenan a chance to grace a new market with her handiwork. However, the prospect of encountering such uncharted territory grew to be overwhelming and eventually steered young Cenan back to a career in finance. Five years and many promotions later, Cenan decided to reach for her sartorial dreams once again. In 2007, Cenan introduced the States to beautifully crafted leather outerwear and accessories. Garnering praise from industry insiders, Cenan returned to Turkey and opened her very own showroom and workshop, thus giving birth to Cashhimi. Cashhimi handbags cater to the innermost needs and desires of women from luxury and femininity, to versatility and functionality. With precise workmanship and attention to detail, Cashhimi continues to elevate the standards of luxury above and beyond expectations. Close to Abas Sel’s heart, the name Cashhimi is derived from the initials of her name, the surname of her husband, and the first two letters of her sons’ names. Following the design process, Abas Sel chooses her materials from a vibrantly colored array of exotic skins, crafting a prototype that maintains the highest quality for which the brand is known. From sketch to finish, design to manufacture, each Cashhimi bag is handcrafted and produced under the same roof in Istanbul, ensuring the best quality. Cenan Abas Sel designs bags for fashion-conscious women who appreciate fine handcrafted quality, exceptional design, and gorgeous exotic skins. Abas Sel allows women to freely express themselves through accessories, making them women who want to be followed, instead of being followers.



Cecilia Rinaldi is a brand dedicated to ethical and conscious fashion. We create clothing and accessoriesbased on environmental and social sustainability using fabrics and organic materials produced in Italy. Each collection is created with the idea of Slow Fashion, emphasizing sustainability, beauty, longevity and respect for humanity. Italian style is combined with a deconstructed form influenced by different Asian cultures resulting in a refined and minimal urban chic style. We promote continual research into new innovative methods while always referencing Italian traditions to maintain high quality products with a low environmental impact. We believe that providing the option to buy one quality garment over multiple low quality items contributes to reducing the environmental impact of a wardrobe.
Chrystal and Sage


Looking for wild and beautiful gemstone jewellery in 2012 I ended up a bit disappointed as there was almost nothing on the German market. So I decided to create my own jewellery line and this is how Crystal and Sage got started. Crystal and Sage Jewellery is inspired by everything from Berlin, to nature and colours,meditation, festival life and Aristotle. By using semi-precious stones from South America and high-quality gold plated brass chains produced in Germany, the brand is creating a collection that is intuitive, playful and intrepid at the same time.
Cielle London


London based designer and artist Seree Kang has worked with a host of high profile fashion and lifestyle brands including Alfred Dunhill, Jo Malone and Estee Lauder companies over the past 10 years, before embarking on the adventure of creating her own brand. In 2014, following a three-year stint as Global Senior Designer–Brand Image at British luxury goods brand Alfred Dunhill, Seree decided that it was time to offer her own vision to the world. That vision, Cielle, will be an entwining of art and high fashion, designed for the powerful, elegant, intellectual and beautiful modern woman. Seree came to London to attend Central Saint Martins, graduating with an MA in Communication Design in 2005. The art she produced during her course has been selected for a number of exhibitions, such as the National Art Competition (2008) held in Chichester, UK, and London Design Festival – where her work was judged the best MA exhibition in 2007. Most recently, she received the Award of Excellence from Communication Art (2016).
Clara Kaesdorf


The biggest inspiration for me are always the surfaces of different materials and how they change due to weather, exhaust and depreciation and the intervention of mankind” says German fashion designer Clara Kaesdorf. Although still at an early stage, she already showed her work at Berlin fashion week. When I grew up I always thought that Berlin was a huge city, far far away, dark and grey as all the pictures you see in books about the history of Germany. I can remember when I first came to Berlin, I was really impressed by the opposite: wide streets full of trees and green, the big unbuilt land you see everywhere and the huge graffitis and street art projects covering unrenovated buildings. It really corresponds with my opinion of how a city should look like to feel free to do what you want without any frontiers. So I decided to study fashion design in that inspiring city. A good choice. I still can’t stop turning my head around and around to see every detail! And the city is changing so fast that you never get bored about what you see, even if you come across the same place many times!
Claudia Furst



The idea behind Claud Fürst was born while browsing for a new travel/work bag.

Timeless, stylish, individual. 

Claud Fürst was created to merge contemporary style with the demands of commuting to and from work in the city of London and international travel. Claud (as nicknamed by friends) was looking for a stylish, quality-made and functional bag; versatile for travel, day and evening.

‘I couldn’t find that bag I wanted, so I made my own’.

The first collection featuring the ‘Claud Fürst ClutchBag’, a timeless style statement for business and personal use, launched in October 2016.

All collections are ‘Made in Italy’ with selected best quality fabrics, leather and fittings.

Claud’s trademark logo, an abstract rose – ‘my favourite flower’, was designed with input from her son.

All her designs were awarded the UK and international design registrations.

My designs are aimed to appeal to style conscious professionals, jet setters and fashionistas. 

Claudia moved from her hometown Vienna and currently lives and works in the UK. My designs reflect London’s multicultural environment, the cooperate style I knew, merged with what I enjoy. The edgy and chic aspects to create designs which reflect both, style and versatility. A dress, scarf or a handbag that suits many occasions, any time.

Claus Tyler


Claus Tyler stands for fashion and design. Since 2010 the fashion-brand with Austrian roots represents timeless and stylish design as well as know-how and competence on the european fashion market. The well-rehearsed and experienced team around designer and creative impresario Claus Tyler embodies concepts "on the spot" and creative implementation of collections and fashion-projects. A nostalgic heart with focus on the future. Designer Claus Tyler translates the elegance and grace of the Twenties and Thirties with his creations to date and celebrates the feminin silhouette with precise cuts as well as with special and high quality materials. His work is always focusing on longevity and wearability. The very own interpretation of sustainability, which is as integrated in the brands DNA as well as the connection to Europe and the commitment to regional production.


If fashion is your passion then look no further! Conquista online is sure to fulfil all your sartorial needs, whatever the occasion. We believe shopping should be fun and the Conquista online experience promises exactly that at the click of a button. We know you’ll enjoy browsing our collection with so many different products on offer and at competitive prices. We specialise in original women’s fashion for the woman who knows what she wants and how to get it! Contemporary, casual, dressy, edgy - whatever your style, Conquista has that special something just for you. Be unique, be fabulous, be CONQUISTA!
Cute Fashionista Store


Cute Fashionista specialises in beautiful, originals scarves influenced by cultures from around the world.

The artist creates exclusive collections, based on specific themes.

Each design is a work of art and an invitation in a distant journey.

It begins with original hand-drawn illustration painted with gouache, not less than thirty colours per design, with patience and talent.

It takes around forty days to realise one !

The scarves are produced using screen print mode wich is best suited to render all details of compositions as an extension of Lucrezia"s work.

They are succeeded with a multitude of details.

The designer is a real artist who draw her inspiration from disappeared civilizations and the folklores of the whole world.

Native from south of France, after leading artistic studies, Lucrezia worked for various fashion and silk trades companies in Europe and the United-States.

She creates then a very original scarves line under her own brand "Cute Fashionista".