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Luxury slow fashion label made in Britain inspired in Italy, launched London Fashion Week 2016. Combining Italian classics with a London take to create timeless clothing for all seasons, all lifestyles, all attitudes : be it walks in the olives, night time bling in hot piazzas, or art openings in London town

C O L L E C T I O N S : focus is around the Victoriana Riding Coat, originally designed with secret pockets for mime in a theatrical vintage circus. The coats are complimented by riding skirts, panelled cashmeres, drape dresses & tops, in chocolate silk velvets, camels and golds as well as in constant ever changing limited edition fabrics

M A N I F E S T O : easy to wear but a little bit different, for women that just do their own thing in their own time, with nothing to prove & no concept of beauty to strain for.  Breathe out & enjoy the natural individual grace & freedom of 'being me'.

D E S I G N E R : Emma Kempton was originally a costume designer & performance artist working for both theatres and circus (Gifford's Circus) & winner of various costume film awards.  She is mother of 2 with a British conceptual artist, & divides the time between Devon, London & Italy (where the label was born)

E T H I C S : seeking out quality fabrics, sometimes involving limited editions or prints by conceptual artists, clothing is hand made in Britain to a slow fashion philosophy of doing its own thing in its own creative time 

Afew Jewels


Perhaps it’s in the DNA, or just chance. An artist contracted by the Vatican. A civil engineer, constructing Brazilia. Fashion designer. Industrial designer. Glass sculpture. The incredible lineage of women in my family have helped to shape and influence my desire to create. They taught me to use my heart to feel the creation; my eyes to give it vision; my mind to give it function; and my hands to bring it to life.
Afina London


OUR STORY ​ Afina London is a swim and resort wear brand based in Mayfair. ​ Being inspired by worldly lifestyle and passion for travel, we wanted to bring fresh perspective to swimwear and create wearable, yet bold statement-making pieces. Our mission is to provide exclusive swimwear crafted from the finest materials with utmost attention to details. OUR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY ​ Here at Afina London we are dedicated to catering to the differing forms of the female figure. Our pattern cutters carefully research, develop and sample all our pieces to ensure full support, coverage and perfect fit. Our bikini bras are made with removable push up pads for extra support. This innovative approach enabled us to create universally flattering pieces that are comfortable, sophisticated and elegant. ​ We believe that our passion for outstanding quality and fit is second to none. Our one-of-a-kind bikinis are made in England by skilled seamstresses from double lined Italian fabrics including Jersey Lomellina which is chlorine resistant and provides a luxuriously soft feel and elegant shiny finish. ​ All our garments are complimented by 24 Carat Gold Plated accessories, sourced in Paris, which are UV resistant and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. This combined with exclusive, dynamic and daring designs will make every women look and feel sophisticated, seductive and confident. ​ Our début collection features vibrant, exclusively designed prints, limited edition bridal line and unconventional designs developed by experts.
Afya Organics Skincare


We’re a future forward beauty brand of sophisticated organic skincare and inner health products packed with Africa’s natural goodness. ‘Afya’ means health in Swahili and the creation of the brand was inspired by the ancient healing traditions of the continent’s myriad tribes whose stories are elegantly told through our ecofriendly packaging and design. Nothing’s new under the sun! Herbal medicine is an African tradition. Throughout history, many African tribes drew on a large body of knowledge from the natural world around them. From the Maasai and Himba tribes’ belief in the awakening power of red ochre, to the Zulu and Ndebele peoples’ faith in volcanic healing clay to purify skin and the Ancient Egyptian reliance on frankincense and myrrh to enhance youthfulness, there is evidence that nature was revered as the only source of health, wholeness and wellness. It’s this ancient wisdom and use of various plants to promote holistic health that inspires us. Each AFYA product is carefully formulated with a clean science approach that respects nature’s healing energy and honours our human need for healing, relaxation, beauty and balance. We believe that beauty should be fun, natural and pure. There’s a growing demand for innovative, rejuvenating products based on organic, natural ingredients, which provide cosmetic yet wholistic benefits. We also believe that the modern and future forward consumer is looking for more than just superficial beauty. They’re ultimately seeking a fulfilled peaceful existence; one that celebrates their true inner essence and brings it to the fore via a wholistic, natural and healthy lifestyle. AFYA’s sustainable business practices reflect our ‘beauty from skin to soul’ mission. Our unique approach is one that brings to life Africa’s tradition of herbal medicine and healing while celebrating the essence of nature from the cradle of mankind. Our products are designed to enhance the natural you. So please play with them, massage them in, luxuriate and indulge in them, then share them with your closest and dearest. They represent natural purity from the cradle of mankind – the result of hundreds of years of holistic healing knowledge from our African ancestors. Nothing could be more desirable and beneficial to you. In a nutshell, we’re putting back purity, simplicity, heritage and wisdom back into beauty – celebrating what’s inside as well as outside. Beauty from skin to soul.
AIBY Craft


Yasuri Mayari, I am a Cuban settled in southern Spain. An economist by profession and designer adoption in mid-2013 decided to let my creativity flourish resulting in an explosion of healthy designs. The brand was born due to my strong will and intention to make my dream come true. Even though I studied economy, Fashion has always been my hobby and deep passion, so I decided to make the most of it, and soon it became my job. It was life which made me choose Sustainable Fashion. At first, my intention was to use natural and vintage fabrics, brought from Florence, for my designs. I was not really aware that it was called "Sustainable Fashion", so soon, I started doing some research, studying and finally made the decision to set an Eco-luxury brand. AIBY Craft was basically born after considering the lack of Eco-luxury brands currently existing in the marke
AJ Voyage


Here at AJ Voyage we want to take you on a journey through fashion, whether that's getting ready for a big night out and finding you that killer dress and the heels to match or stocking up that summer wardrobe with bikini's and sandals to ensure you slay non stop! We've got you covered babe
Alice's Pig


Wonderland is everywhere,' our great aunt Alice always said, "so you'd better be dressed for it!" She was one of those quirky aunts whose life was one of adventure and we always loved hearing stories about her travels around the world. No matter where she found herself, she always insisted on wearing the finest British clothes, which were as hardy as she was. Everyone adored Alice's outfits and asked about them. She had the rare talent of blending contrasting elements and making them look effortlessly stylish. She would often disappear for months in her never-ending search for rare and remarkable clothes. Years later we found great aunt Alice's many clothes trunks in the attic. The fabrics and finish were still as exquisite as the day they had been made; it was only then we realized that she made all the clothes herself. Sadly great aunt Alice is no longer with us but we're passionate about making our clothing as extraordinary as hers. All our unique designs are specially created for you and your very own adventures in wonderland. Amanda & Nico


Headed by Singaporean designer Jil Lin and her counterpart, Stacy Noz, Alijst is a new fashion-forward brand which presents newfangled ways to wear jewellery. Inspired by culture and art, Alijst creates alluring jewellery collections which redefine femininity in a statement appeal. These aesthetics are completed with modern and contemporary designs fused with a touch of luxury. Alijst pieces are made with the finest precious metals including sterling silver and 18kt plated sterling silver to design a symbol of identity for those with a unique desire. The brand design each individual accessory in Singapore and craft in Hong Kong. Renowned for: Bringing femininity to the forefront of each design, Alijst is renowned for their alluring collections of sterling silver and 18kt gold vermeil. Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Inspired by art and culture, the brand bring a modern aesthetic to versatile and affordable designs for the stylish woman.
Ana Etter


“Anna Etter” is an exclusive fashion brand based in Vienna, produced in limited quantity for women who want to dress modern & classy at the same time while keeping individuality and unique look. “In my collections, I am trying to create garments that underline femininity & elegance in daily life combining glamorous eye catching elements with casualty creating luxury yet relaxed look. Inspired by images of 50’s I am trying to revive them in my collections with a modern touch. My aim is that ladies wearing our clothes feel confident and attractive while keeping their given by nature femininity in the most genuine way”. Quality is the key element of the brand - all garments are produced in Europe and mainly made of Italian fabrics carefully selected by the
Aria and Leya


TO INSPIRE EVERY WOMAN TO SHAPE HER OWN LIFE We are committed to designing beautiful garments that fit and make you feel fabulous. But our mission is to create something much more than a lingerie company. We envision a world where all women live passionate and courageous lives. They know who they are and carve their own paths. They define success in their own words and are not afraid to go after it. THEY PROUDLY WEAR CONFIDENCE & COMPASSION EVERYDAY!


Serving our community is a part of who we are. We partnered with Freeset to make our packaging – these rather delightful fair-trade cotton bags that each of your purchases comes with – we give voice to women who are choosing freedom from the sex trade in Kolkata.
Arzu Kara


Arzu Kara has an extensive background in women’s fashion and created her own label in 2006. Originally from the captivating city of Istanbul, Arzu’s talent in garment construction began at the tender age of 14. Attending  a vocational high school, Arzu dedicated her fashion and design, which would later lead her to hone her craft at the prestigious Central St Martins in London.  An Honour’s degree in Fashion Textiles from Thames Valley University soon followed. Working alongside various designers, including the prestigious Bora Aksu, it became clear that Arzu’s career was flourishing. A widened creative vision, a focus on the wearability of her designs and the eventual birth of her own brand ensued such creative collaborations. It is Arzu’s commitment to her craft, which even led to a nomination as the most successful business woman of the year in 2012. Now based in the beautiful town of Henley on Thames, Arzu continues to demonstrate her dedicated craft and talent for understated elegance. Empowering women with the clothes they wear is of paramount importance. By carefully listening to what her clients want, the designs embody the type of woman who channels an effortlessly chic style with a mixture of couture fashion that consistently meets their needs.


Ethics & Sustainability At Avila our beliefs lay heavily in creating a brand that is ethically and sustainably responsible. We are constantly looking into ways to lessen our impact on the environment. We try to reuse all fabrics scraps, those of which we cannot find a purpose for we donate to local art groups. Designing classic, timeless designs at a high quality ensures garments last and can be worn season after season. Avila uses the highest quality natural fabrics. We are continuously researching into more sustainable, lower impact fabrics that are durable, feel great and are sustainable. Avila's clothing is ethically made in Melbourne supporting local artisans, with fair working environments and fair pay. Avila’s Non-slip pilates/yoga socks are the only item that is not produced in Australia. These socks are made in China using an ethical supplier, in which we work closely with, to ensure the values of Avila are met. Fabrics we use can vary from season to season. The fabrics below are some of our most frequently used fabrics. Modal, Tencel, Organic cotton, Silk, Linen, Bamboo, Merino Wool  


We are three sisters and stylists who created AYANAH, a swimwear brand inspired by Africa. As French of African descents, the diversity of our cultural heritage is an invaluable resource that we exploit and share through our creations. Providing creative, new and high quality pieces is essential to us. We want our brand to reflect an innovative and dynamic Africa. Art is at the heart of our creative process. We are committed to value emerging african artists through occasional collaborations. Indeed, we intent to donate a part of our profits to the organization The African Modern Art Project based in Tanzania and founded by the African artist Saidi Mbungu. This school helps children and women to develop their artistic talents in order to become financially independent. Our desire is to be the vehicle by which our future customers will experience Africa as we know it. As a company, we take into consideration sustainable development in the use of natural resources to design our collections. In all our decisions making process, we are dedicated to protect the environment in order to be a real player in the green fashion industry. Our first collection is the result of a dynamic combination of tradition and modernity. It reflects a changing Africa that is leaning on its amazing cultural heritage while moving toward a promising future. The geometric cuts of our swimsuits echo a strong tribal inspiration. The graphic prints are mixed up together in a bright blend of colors embellished by a chic and urban touch. Each piece reveals a clear desire to stand out in order to give women the opportunity to assert their uniqueness.