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Influenced by life, art in Italian hills, piazzas and by contemporary culture in London, A-MM-E creates affordable designer fashion for empowered women who want to combine an individual creative style with easy living & breathing out - versatile for all lifestyles, all seasons, all attitudes. Aiming to be ethical, all  A-MM-E pieces are made by self employed seamstresses in the UK or on a Himalayan community.

ACCURATOR Acurrator is a womenswear and accessories brand, best defined by a Fashion Week aesthetic at High Street prices. Through their previous experience working with leading designers and brands, Andra, Louise, and Kat offer Acurrator have developed 5 capsule collections since late '16. Each collection shares clean lines, minimalist lairs, asymmetries, geometry and origami inspired pieces that transition from day to night, office to weekend getaways, and flats to heels.  The creatives behind Acurrator believe that ethical and sustainable manufacturing will become the new normal, much like organic food has become mainstream.     Vendor
Afew Jewels

While everything at Afew Jewels is made sustainably and locally (literally everything, from the pieces through to packaging), the core philosophies of Afew have always been about sharing: experience, growth and beauty. Partnering with UNICEF, WWF and many other charity organisation, Afew offers customers the choice to give back with every purchase.

Afina London Being inspired by worldly lifestyle and passion for travel, Afina London brings a fresh perspective to swimwear and create wearable, yet bold statement-making pieces. The mission is to provide exclusive swimwear crafted from the finest materials with utmost attention to details with an innovative approach. The Afina London début collection features vibrant, exclusively designed prints, limited edition bridal line and unconventional designs  made in England by skilled seamstresses. Vendor
Afya Organics Skincare

The Afya skincare philosophy is founded on excellence. The skincare brand is passionate about providing women and men with revolutionary, clean science based products combined with ethically sourced 100% organic and natural botanical formulations, inspired by Africa's ancient wisdom. Afya's ultimate purpose is to empower customers with the best, natural and organic products to help them live the best life possible skin to soul. With a social responsibility mandate, Afya is also focused on empowering the African communities, from which they draw great inspiration.

AIBY Craft After considering the lack of Eco-luxury brands in the market, the designer of AIBY Craft decided to create a sustainable brand that represents effortless luxury. Brought all the way from Florence, the creatives behind the brand only use high quality, natural and vintage fabrics to create fabulous, feminine pieces such as crochet skirts and co-ord sets. From the beach to exclusive parties, the AIBY Craft pieces offer endless styling choices to play around with.     Vendor
AJ Voyage Taking you on a fashion journey, AJ Voyage is offers you a wide range of clothing options, whether that's getting ready for a big night out and finding you that killer dress and the heels to match or stocking up that summer wardrobe with bikini's and sandals for your upcoming vacation. With a huge selection of heels and feminine dresses, you are guaranteed to find your match.     Vendor
Alice's Pig Wonderland is everywhere,' our great aunt Alice always said, "so you'd better be dressed for it! Alice's Pig brings you a selection of vintage styles with a modern edge. By ethically sourcing their materials and offering high-quality pieces that will last decades, the brand is proudly part of the ethical and slow fashion movement. To support fair work conditions, the brand have a close working relationship with their business partners to create a magical clothing brand - they simply refuse be part of the exploitation of workers that is, unfortunately, still all too common in the fashion industry, offering you a conscious fashion choice.     Vendor
Alijst Headed by Singaporean designer Jil Lin and her counterpart, Stacy Noz, Alijst is a fashion-forward, sustainable brand which presents newfangled ways to wear jewellery. Inspired by culture and art, Alijst creates alluring jewellery collections which redefine femininity in a statement appeal. Alijst pieces are made with the finest precious metals including sterling silver and 18kt plated sterling silver to design a symbol of identity for those with a unique desire. The brand design each individual accessory in Singapore and craft in Hong Kong.   Vendor
Ana Lublin
The femininity of Brazilian charm, the elegance of Italian style and the modernity of Swedish design combined in one name and one brand: Ana Lublin. Ana Lublin is a designer of Brazilian and Swedish descent who, after growing up in Sweden, has completed her design studies in Turin, where she currently lives. Sold in more than 60 countries around the world, Ana Lublin shoes are synonymous with quality and elegance. Elegance that is revisited with a touch of eccentricity to add an element of irony to classic taste.
Anna Etter Anna Etter is an exclusive fashion brand based in Vienna, produced in limited quantity for women who want to dress modern & classy at the same time while keeping individuality and unique look. “In my collections, I am trying to create garments that underline femininity & elegance in daily life combining glamorous eye catching elements with casualty creating luxury yet relaxed look. Inspired by images of 50’s I am trying to revive them in my collections with a modern touch. My aim is that ladies wearing our clothes feel confident and attractive while keeping their given by nature femininity in the most genuine way”. Quality is the key element of the brand - all garments are produced locally and sustainable in Europe and mainly made of Italian fabrics carefully selected by the designer.   Vendor
Aria and Leya Inspiring every woman to shape her own life, Aria Leya is committed to designing beautiful garments that fit and make you feel fabulous. But our mission is to create something much more than a lingerie company - the brand envisioned a world where all women are independent and courages, and takes this inspiration to share through their designs. To actively support their cause, Aria Leya partnered with Freeset to make their packaging, a company that helps give voice to women who are choosing freedom from the sex trade in Kolkata.   Vendor
Arzu Kara Based in the beautiful town of Henley on Thames, Arzu demonstrates her dedicated craft and talent for understated elegance. Empowering women with the clothes they wear is of paramount importance. By carefully listening to what her clients want, the designs embody the type of woman who channels an effortlessly chic style with a mixture of couture fashion that consistently meets their needs.   Vendor
Avila Avila's beliefs lay heavily in creating a brand that is ethically and sustainably responsible, with constantly looking into wats to lessen their environmental impact. Avila uses the highest quality natural fabrics, made in Melbourne supporting local artisans, with fair working environments and fair pay.   Vendor
Ayanah AYANAH is committed to value emerging african artists through occasional collaborations. Providing creative, new and high quality pieces is essential for the brand, just like reflecting an innovative and dynamic Africa. As a company, AYANAH takes into consideration sustainable development in the use of natural resources to design the collections: in all the decisions making process, the brand is dedicated to protect the environment in order to be a real player in the green fashion industry.     Vendor