Struggling to find the perfect outfit for work in the morning? This usually results in a rush to get out the door in time, coffee in hand and hair a mess.

There is no denying that acceptable outfits to wear to work have changed over the years. Now, more than ever, women are expressing themselves through what they wear. Most companies have made ‘casual Friday’s’ a staple at their company. At least once a week we can trade in the heels for a much more comfortable choice that won’t leave our feet aching; no more stubborn blazers that won’t let us easily move our arms.

Keep scrolling to see a Monday-Friday guide to help you stay comfortable and stylish everyday of the week.


Style Tips: This simple black dress is easy to put on in the morning and you will look like you spent a lot of time getting yourself ready for the day. The simple black bag is big enough to fit your lunch, lipstick and laptop, so no need for more than one bag. Once paired with a flat in a fun colour you have ticked off all the boxes; easy to put together, stylish and comfy.


Style Tips: Matching sets are one of the easiest outfits to wear. You are guaranteed to look put together and professional. The soft trouser is good for sitting in an office all day and the muted tone means you can spice it up with another fun coloured shoe, heel or flat.


Style Tips: A white, high-waisted, button up midi skirt will give you a sense of elegance. Paired with a tweed, Chanel inspired, blazer and plain T-shirt, you are guaranteed to feel like the Queen of the world.  


Style Tips: Dress up this playsuit with black tights and some little black booties for a quick and cozy autumn look. You will feel as if you have just rolled out of bed because of the soft velvet, but be more chic than ever.


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Style Tips: Finally it’s casual Friday! Most people still like to look a bit professional but now is the chance to have a bit more fun. There are so many ways to do this without giving up your knack for style. Pair a long floral dress with a trainer and oversized jacket to keep it fun and fashionable.

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