Makeup is one of the most important part of any look, especially if you are planning to go out for the night – don’t worry, we’ve got your back with amazing makeup styles from elegant and sophisticated to bold and brave!


1. Classic & Feminine

Red lips can perfectly complement a simple, monochrome look, and it is such an all time classic look! To emphasize your matte, red and plump lips, keep the rest of your makeup fresh and clean: a hint of sparkly, champagne eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes, dramatic, long lashes and rosy, glowy cheeks will look the best with red and burgundy lipsticks, and to avoid the cakey makeup effect, don’t contour your face too much.




2. Smokey & Sultry

Rethink the regular smokey eye look with a glowing twist on your cheeks and lips! For the bold eye look, use white, grey and black (or do a brown smokey eye with salmon, mauve and dark brown colors), and complete your look with a peachy, cream highlighter and nude, glossy lipstick. If your eyelashes disappeared because of the heavy eye makeup and even your lash curler can’t help you out, use your favourite, natural-looking false lashes!




3. Dramatic & Edgy
If you want to keep the focus on your lips but looking for a more exciting colour, try out a dark, wamp shade, such as deep purple, dark brown, burgundy or even black! The trick with these lipsticks is to make sure your eyes are lined as well (so they don’t look too tired), but avoid too much eyeshadow or a smokey look! Create cat line or even a more geometric, but clean line with a black eyeliner, add volume to your lashes, and keep the rest of your face very natural with a hint of terracotta blush and powder foundation.


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4. Modern & Playful
There is no better occasion than a party to show off your colorful eyeliner and create a statement makeup look. We are especially in love with blue eyeliners, but you can experiment with every colour from emerald green and purple to gold and copper! If you don’t have a coloured eyeliner, create a line with a long lasting, creamy eyeshadow and a small, angled brush and complete your makeup with a pink lipstick.makeup3


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