Feminine designs, delicate fabrics mixed with edgy detailing and vibrant colors… creating a modern, and playful, yet still very elegant and stylish closet isn’t impossible! To help you out in the process of choosing the right clothing items and saying goodbye to your old ones in the closet, we collected three quick and easy tips and style-inspiration.



Quality over Quantity
One of the most important aspects of picking out clothes is to always choose high-quality items that will become statement pieces in your wardrobe for years and even decades. Although it is might sound tempting to own 10 cheaper bags or instead of one classy and elegant, but keep in mind that while the bad-quality won’t last you a very long time, the more luxurious ones all have that timeless class and delicate detailing that makes them worth the splurge.



Don’t be afraid to Experiment
It is always a great idea to build up your personal wardrobe with basic pieces (such as shirts, pencil skirts, comfortable sweaters, leather jackets and trench coats) with neutral shades that can be matched easily with any other clothing item, but don’t forget to think outside of the box sometimes. At Modafirma, we are all about finding the balance between edgy and classy designs, and believe that playful and daring designs and colors are key elements of a wardrobe besides the little black dresses and jeans.



Wear them with Confidence
But first and most importantly, the key to every clothing item (no matter how simple or extraordinary they are) is to wear it with confidence and feel comfortable in it. Even if you decided to try out a unique design that doesn’t necessarily fit your regular style, make sure to style it with pieces you are more comfortable with and rock it with confidence and class!



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