1. It isn’t what you wear but how you wear it

Confidence is key when it comes to following, or breaking, fashion rules. It is a quality that most successful influencers, stylists and bloggers have because they can “make it work”.


fashion rules

2. Love your body

Embrace who you are! Learn how to dress for your body type. By knowing what looks best on you every time you look in the mirror you will love yourself and feel great in everything that you choose to wear.


fashion rules

3. Be Unique 

If you are out and about shopping and something special catches your eye, don’t hesitate to take it off the shelf and try it on. You never know, it could be the next big thing that everyone has to have in their wardrobe. Who cares if someone doesn’t like it, you do, and that is all that matters.


fashion rules

4. Don’t over do it

Sometimes the best outfits are the simplest. Tie your hair back, pair your high waisted jeans with a white tee and leather jacket. Take strides out in some dazzling biker boots and a sleek handbag.


fashion rules

5. Be a trendsetter not a trend follower

Everyone likes to be on trend but it’s best to try and spin it to be in your own style. If you love the colour pink then wear an all pink outfit and dye your hair. Live as a risk taker!


fashion rules

6. Spend money on the pieces that never go out of style

We all have those days where we want to spend a lot of money on a special or novelty item which is always good fun but I don’t advise you to always do this. The best items to spend more money on are the ones you will always wear time and time again. I.e. leather jackets, white trainers, black boots, white t-shirts. Don’t forget though if you do see a pair of heels you are just dying to have, just do it, you deserve them 😉


fashion rules

7. It’s what’s on the inside

The lining of a coat is one of the number one tell tale signs of a cheap or luxury jacket. If it is lined well then the fashion rules tell us it is okay to spend more money on that item simply because it is made to be a better quality.


fashion rules

8. Never buy a boring coat

During winter time in London, everyone is wearing a coat. The trouble is, most of the time we are all wearing nice clothes underneath that no one gets the chance to see. Always spend money on a well lined, expensive, and fun coat. That might mean you get the basic trend following camel coat, which can’t go wrong, or you find an extravagant sequin covered coat with a fur hood.


fashion rules

9. Mix your prints

In regards to fashion rules what you wear doesn’t have to match it just has to go. When putting together an outfit make sure your patterns follow a colour scheme that compliment each other.


fashion rules

10. Spend your budget on accessories

Chanel anyone? Bags are a girl’s best friends. You cannot go wrong with a perfect little black cross body bag. Everyone will envy you if they see you walking down the road with that exquisite bag.

fashion rules

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